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"Jean-Claude like Jean-Claude Van Damme"

I often think of my time in Europe as a collection of stories. All woven together in one book that I keep close to my heart. Really, aren't all of our lives just that?  A collection of stories. The good ones, the bad ones, the sad, the happy and so forth. What all of these stories have in common though, is that they are full of characters. For me, it is the characters that made these stories so special. Let me introduce you to one of my favorite Frenchmen, named Jean-Claude (or so I thought).    The first French town I ventured to after moving to Germany was Forbach. It was just across the border about 30-45 minutes away. Depending...

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My French Discount

When you walk into our home you'll be be greeted by my French Geese.  They are fabulous, but I'll save their story for another time.  You'll also see a French pastry table and on that table is a white cachepot.  It is not anything truly spectacular when compared to some of my other French treasures.  In truth, it is really nothing special at all. However, I will always keep that piece front and center where I can always see it.  Why, you might ask?  For one very important reason: it always makes me smile.  Here is the fantastically funny story behind this piece (well, in my opinion).  Spoiler alert: It involves a wardrobe malfunction and a bursted bubble.  Get comfy...

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Bonjour & Welcome Ya'll, I'm Emily

Bonjour, and welcome to Willow & Pearls! My name is Emily, and I'm a Southern Belle/Francophile who has never met a gold mirror, French chair ( well French anything) that I didn't want to be in a long-term relationship with and I always brake for blue & white! I have moved a lot (13 times in the last 18 years to be precise), which has exposed me to an incredible array of styles and aesthetics. I tend to gravitate towards items which remind me of happy times - which has created a very eclectic vibe in our home. I grew up "thrifting" with my mom and have always loved the thrill of finding treasures! This passion took a backseat to...

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